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Model 353637F Series: Automatic, Gantry, Large Area, Triple-Convertible Bonders Last revised: 11/01/12


Application and Function :

Series 353637F models are three-way convertible wire bonders of a gantry design. A moving bond head brings the bonding function to the work, allowing the material handling to occur under customer control. This open structure, along with a large bondable area, places very little limit on the size of the work.

Arrays of fine wire connections are bonded automatically per device program. Targeting is aligned by pattern recognition, and position is adjusted by optical encoders. Bond quality and consistency, as well as loop shape are exceptional through a combination of fine vertical axis motions, software control and ultrasonics. Process control is further aided by missing wire detection, which functions without work contact, and also with on-screen presentation of bond progress via a second, side-view camera.

Models of this series allow for ball bonding and wedge bonding with angled wire feed and vertical feed, for deep access work. Quick conversion between these methods occurs by exchange of clamp assemblies and wire drag means. In each configuration, wire is fed in a controlled amount by a motorized despooler.

Programming and Interface :

All input for programming and bonding operation occurs through use of a mouse, a keyboard and a control-switch pad. The graphical user interface consists of many screen forms, all displayed on a single color LCD. This display also presents embedded views from the pattern recognition and process monitoring cameras.

User data of machine configuration, and of device targets and image patterns, can be saved externally.


Definitions of Models of this Series


Low frequency wedge and ball bonding machine including Feature -90, Floor-Standing Frame


Features Available for this Series


Adjustable Height Work Platform

Work platform with adjustable height for variable package thickness.


Adjustable Height Work Platform with Planarity Control

Work platform with adjustable height for variable package thickness and three point adjustment control of work surface planarity. (recommended)


Work Station, Motorized Rotary

Heated work station, motorized programmable rotary with a 3.25" diameter work area. Requires K~1200D temperature controller.


Work Station, Manual Rotary to Detents

Heated work station, manual rotary to detent positions with a 3.25" diameter work area and vacuum clamping. Requires -9640 platform and K~1200D temperature controller.


Large-Area Heated Work Station

Heated work station with drop-in work piece adapter. Requires –9640 platform.







63 kHz nominal



up to 999 ms; programmable



up to 4 Watts; programmable



Bond Force:

10 – 100 grams; programmable


Bond Tool:







0.750" capillary, 0.750" 45 & 90 degree wedge



Tool Heat:

adjustable radiant heater


Wire Clamps:




air opened / spring closed



X/Y/Z position; clamp force (through change of spring); opening gap


Bond Wire:




0.7 to 2 mil diameter wire (change of clamp spring is required for wire above 1.25 mil diameter) or 0.5x2 to 1x5 mil ribbon



2" diameter


X/Y/Z Axes:



X axis

9.500" bond range; roller bearing ways; closed loop positioning with optical encoders


Y axis

5.375" bond range; roller bearing ways; closed loop positioning with optical encoders


Z axis

0.563" travel


Work Elevation:

5.000" nominal above tabletop



Electrical Software and Hardware


Process Control:

configuration specific software running on the Windows XP operating system



Intel Pentium IV; 512 MB RAM; housed in an industrial CPU enclosure


Device Storage:



Hard Disk

10 GB or greater



USB flash drive


Pattern Recognition:

Matrox system



high resolution 15" color LCD


Emergency Stop:

single button on switch pad for motor power interrupt; lighted



ESD Protection

Protection against Electrostatic Discharge is implemented by finishing exposed tool assemblies and other moving parts by Electroless Nickel plating, which is conductive; and all exposed painted parts with a powder-coated paint that is dissipative (1 - 10 MΩ).


Machine Configuration



Olympus SZ51-60E; 12 – 60X magnification (included)



"Luxuray" #10265 (included)


Bond Tool:

(1) 1 mil, capillary, (1) 1 mil, 45 degree wedge & (1) 1 mil, 90 degree wedge tool (included)


Work Holder:

workholders are not included, and are priced separately. A large number of previously designed special work holders are available. Those with Status of Current can be selected for delivery in the same time span as the machine, while those of Status Available Not Stocked must be ordered separately. Workholders for new work pieces requiring custom design and fabrication will be quoted upon receipt of drawings and samples: These must be ordered on separate purchase orders.


Temperature Controller:

West·Bond K~1200D / 1201D (recommended; not included)


Services Required


Compressed Air:

50 psi; dry air

regulating valve & pressure gauge provided. Connection is via 1/4-inch tubing.



22 in/Hg min. (if needed for vacuum clamping workholder)



50-60 Hz, single-phase, either 115 VAC or 230 VAC [input must be configured at the factory for 230 VAC]. A fuse and three-prong power cord connector is provided for 115 VAC; for 230 VAC, these must be changed to conform to local requirements.


Weights & Dimensions



331 lbs


CPU Module

40 lbs


Power Module

30 lbs



655 lbs; w/ accessories


Overall Dimensions:




34.2" (shelf down), 45.3" (shelf up); casters removed






51.5" (w/o monitor)


Dimensional Drawings

End View – Overall

End View


Side View



Tool Head Clearances

1551 S. Harris Court,Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 714.978.1551
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