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How to Select Products

West·Bond products are separated into groups shown as links in the following list. If you know your way around, proceed directly; otherwise, see the explanation below.





Explanation of Machine Selection

Machines are first grouped for selection according to their functioning method as:

Manual Wire and Die Bonders -- Operator directs targeting with manual controls
Semi-Automatic Wire Bonders -- Operator targets initial bond, machine makes connection
Automatic Wire Bonders -- All targets are defined in software, machine bonds automatically
Pull Testers -- Wires are stressed to limit or to destruction

Product machines are listed by their Model Numbers within these function groups; however, within the groups, models are further separated by appended Series Letters, generated historically, to distinguish similar mechanism designs and principles of operation. These letters and their meanings are:

"A" -- X-Y-Z Single Lever Micromanipulator, original design, three-point follower. Tool Assemblies use mechanical cams.
"B" -- X-Y-Z Single Lever Micromanipulator, increased throat depth, follower on balls. Tool Assemblies on four-bar linkage with sliding wire clamps.
"C" -- X-Y-Z Single Lever Micromanipulator, constrained axes, pneumatic axis locks. "A" Series Tool Assemblies retained.
"D" -- X-Y-Z Micromanipulator of C Series, updated with E Series self-contained wire clamps.
"E" -- X-Y-Z Single Lever Micromanipulator, orthogonal straight-line axes, pneumatic axis locks. Tool Assemblies on four-bar linkage with forward pivot. Overhead, gantry construction. Also Moving Head Automatics with orthogonal axes and gantry construction.

See West·Bond's Numbering System for further explanation.

Machines of each Method and Series are defined in their Specification. The links under "Machines" are to these Specifications. In many cases, links adjacent in the Machine list display printable photos and brochures.

Some machines in each Series are "convertible" in that they can be configured by exchange of attached sub-assemblies to perform bonding by different bond methods. They can be identified by repeated method numbers in their Model Number sequence. These numbers are included in the Model Number list of links to aid in finding their defining Specification, even though that Specification is for that model family.

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