New Event, December 2019 Wire Bonding Certification Class

Manual Die Bonder - Model 7200CRManual Wire Bonder - Model 7476D
Semi-Automatic Wire Bonder - Model 454647EAutomatic Wire Bonder - Model 3KE Series
Trade Show Schedule

New Event, Wire Bonding Certification Class

New Representative in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas


New Representative in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming


New Disposable Solutions for Epoxy Bonders


Luxuray II: Brighter than Bright and With More Control


Strength In The Heartland


Adding Links...


West·Bond to Move to Larger Facility


One by twenty ribbon you say ? ...


West·Bond's New Addition to the 7200CR Series


20 Inch x 20 Inch Manipulator


Previous West·Bond News


West·Bond Offers New Operating System Platform


Further on Luxuray


A New Light for Microscopes


Closed Loop Feedback on 3K Series


Product Changes


The Impossible -- A Triple-Convertible Gantry Automatic

A New Gantry Automatic for Parallel Wires

Dual Head Die Bonders Now in "E" Series

New Additions to Large-Area Gantry Series

Photos of "D" Series

"D" Series Go Into Production

West·Bond Introduces the "D" Series

ESD Protection Done!

Moving and Rotating Head, Large-Area Gantry

Product Number Changes

ESD Protection

West·Bond Introduces "C" Series Pull Tester

"A" Requiem

West·Bond Introduces Model 1700E Series

A New Website for the West·Bond Machine Shop!

Products Change For The New Millennium

New Style Heads Ported to All of E Series

New Software for Automatic Machines, Version 4.0

West·Bond Now Accepts Visa® and MasterCard® !

New Heads for "E" Series

West·Bond Introduces Model 4000E Series

Latest Additions to Version 3.00 Software

New Software for Automatic Machines, Version 3.00

New Model 70PTE

An "E" Series Pull Tester?

New Models 7400E, 7600E, and 7440E

West·Bond Introduces the "E" Series

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