August 4, 2000

West·Bond’s machines have been changing this spring and summer in a way apparent if one looked closely: All machines are being finished with ESD Protection. We would love to have made this change one midnight, to spring it at dawn with a great announcement; but the logistics are daunting. The only realistic way is to phase it in, which was and is underway, to be completed in another couple of months.

We believe this protection adds a new measure of value, ensuring that there be no loss of yield of customers’ devices because of Electrostatic Discharge. Now you don’t have to ask for it, it will just be there – and at no change of price. West·Bond is proud to be a leader in offering this improvement across our whole product line.

This protection is implemented by finishing exposed tool assemblies and other moving parts by Electroless Nickel plating, which is conductive; and all exposed painted parts with a powder-coated paint that is dissipative. Appearance is changed only slightly as tool parts are either bright Nickel or stainless steel, black anodized trim pieces are eliminated, and painted surfaces are uniformly flat gray. Actually, we think it is quite elegant, but then what did you expect us to think after all this effort?

The implementation is nearly complete in the "C" and "E" Series machines, to be followed by the 2400B Automatic Series. The new Gantry Automatics are ESD Protected from the outset. Only the remaining dual-head Die Bonders of the "B" Series will remain unchanged in their brown color scheme.


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