August 25, 2000

Once upon a time there were table saws – they just sat there while you brought your plank and pushed it against the blade. Then one bright and sunny day, someone made a radial saw so you could leave your plank where it was and move the blade across: You could even turn the head and make cuts at all angles. Is this a great country, or what?

We think our newest model is like that; more revolution that evolution. Encouraged by the huge success of our "E" Series Bonders, with the moving head and all mechanism above the work plane, gantry-style, we just sat down and dashed off an Automatic Gantry Wedge Bonder, where the head moves and also rotates. Not only does it move through a large area, six by eight inches, but with resolution and accuracy to bond small targets. The essential mechanism is confined to the overhead structure so that just that can be brought to your work handling system, if desired.

This new model, 3400E, is described in Specifications and Photos which we are obviously proud to present. Just click the links!

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