December 20, 2000

On December 15th of last year, we announced "a new line for the new millennium", and the schedule to bring it into being. These changes happened this year and worked wonders to eliminate redundancy and to modernize our machine line. The increase in demand month after month has been remarkable.

Since that worked so well, we are encouraged to continue in that vein; and so announce again this December, the schedule to bring about the latest modernization; C-Series + Wire Clamps of E-Series = D-Series -- the subject of our December 18th News Release.

This schedule, like last year’s, is to make the new D-Series Models Current Status on January 1, 2001, and to phase them in during the first quarter. On April 1, 2001, we will make the replaced C-Series Models AvailableNotStocked Status and phase them out as stock is depleted. That scheme obviously benefits West·Bond’s inventory management, but does also provide for customers, advance notice and gradual change.

Construction is simpler, operation is smoother, conversion is easier, clearance is increased, ESD protection is retained – all at no increase in price. You gotta love it!

Click here to see West·Bond "D" Series Photos.

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