March 23, 2000

What can you say about a machine still refusing to give up the ghost after 32 years? Here, have a gold watch? I don’t think so. Out to pasture, old fellow, and enjoy the ladies? Possibly. Thanks for good and faithful service? Certainly.

Model 7400A was conceived June 12, 1968 on Drawing No. R-555-L. Its essential parts are unchanged to this day. The mechanical cams are as reliable as those of a Model T Ford, and like the "T", get about as much care and last practically forever. But even the Model T had its day, and they say Ford hung on too long.

So, as we announced January 1st, we are putting 7400A and some of its descendants out to pasture on April 1, 2000. But, not to be too hasty, we will leave the gates open for as long as stock lasts.

This means that all of the A Series and all of the B Series except the dual-head Die Bond models will have Status changed from "Current" to "AvailableNotStocked": when stock is depleted, those models will then be "Discontinued". This will be apparent in the product selection pages.

It is truly an emotional farewell for us. Good and faithful service? Absolutely!

Fred Miller

1551 S. Harris Court,Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 714.978.1551
Fax: 714.978.0431

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