April 12, 1999

The latest addition to the "E" Series, Model 4546E and siblings, brought forth ultrasonic components of a different frequency, 115 kHz. The new transducers enabled a new design of bond heads, particularly the wire feed clamps, that are simpler, lighter, and easier to convert for different bond methods. Initial reception to these developments has been so favorable that we have decided to make them available to all models of the "E" Series.

This is not a change taken lightly, as the higher frequency is a white horse of a different color. It has some advantages:

    • It bonds with less deformation
    • And at lower temperature
    • And to some materials otherwise marginal
    • And with tools of various lengths.

And some disadvantages:

    • It is more critical of setup
    • Maximum power is lower -- for large ribbon
    • Tools are not abundantly available.

To specify this new option, new Series, 4030E, 7430E, and 7730E, are added where the new models with this option are designated by the digit "3" in the third place as in "~~3~E. Note that 4000E specification is changed, as it was originally released as 115 kHz only.

Be aware that this is not a field retrofit, as more than just the heads are changed. The change is effective now for all new orders. Customers should be advised that when they order the new frequency, they must expect things to be different.

Ah, progress!

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