October 15, 2001

Well, we used to think it was impossible. But then, realizing that three-way conversion is the most popular feature of our product line, we gave it second thought.* To perform two kinds of wedge bonding and ball bonding on one large-area gantry automatic is unheard of utility. Series 3500E is already convertible as Model 3536E to perform wedge bonding with both angled and vertical feed: Now Model 353637E of this Series adds conversion to ball bonding. Since the wedge bond head is non-rotating, limiting the two wedge bonding methods to front-to-back applications or to work pre-rotation, ball bonding can restore the ability to proceed in all directions.

Quality enhancement features of unique missing wire detection without work contact, and progress monitoring with side-view camera are retained, as is the accessoryuniversal heated workstation with drop-in adapter and with manual rotation to détente positions. Like individual models of this style, this gantry machine can be brought intact to handling systems of customer’s choosing:

Model 3500E

Model 3600E

Model 3700E

See new Specifications for 353637E Series and Photos by clicking here.

* (Actually, we had to give a third thought to gain the triple.)

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