June 8, 1998

With the introduction of West·Bond's "throatless" 7400E, and 7440E Series Wire Bonding Machines, access to remote bond targets on large packages has become a reality. With this expanded operating envelope, the pull testing of these remote bonds became an immediate challenge, and West·Bond has responded with the 70PTE Wire Pull Test Machine. The 70PTE incorporates the new "E" Series chassis and micromanipulator designs by which all components are arrayed above the work plane. So configured, the 70PTE is capable of deep reach access to any wire on any package. Operation and function are similar to West·Bond's 70PT with precision alignment of the rotatable pull hook under the test wire controlled manually by hand-eye reference and encoder control. All axes are purely orthogonal, and each is pneumatically braked during the pull stroke for maximum accuracy. In order to accommodate large packages, the test piece is lowered to engage the stationary hook and force sensing mechanism by motorized actuation of the work platform instead of the work holder. Accordingly, the operator is free to select any work holder design consistent with the dimensions of the package to be tested. Work elevation, pull rate, stroke, and test forces are all under microprocessor control, and are easily programmed at the machine panel.

Complete machine and accessory data are included in the lists of specifications.

Model 70PTE (49KB)

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