August 31, 2001

It’s been a while in the making, but the transition of B-Series to E- is now complete with the release of the 7300E models. This entirely new design reincarnates all of the interchangeable die attach methods and their tool heads in the gantry-style construction of the E-Series, so gaining the unique virtues of unlimited work piece size, orthogonal tool motions, and individual axis brakes. The machine action to exchange heads places each one in view at the same use position, and by motions that are now also orthogonal rather than pivoted.

Not only is gantry-style construction a West·Bond exclusive, but the complete collection of bond tool heads to provide for a single machine the choice of any bond method is also without parallel in our industry.

It is exciting for West·Bond to create a new design, but even more so when it offers real value to customers as a truly improved machine in a now familiar format. And it is important also that our very complete line of manual bonding and test machines is now executed in just two styles, the C- & D-Series and the E-Series. And ESD protection is now included across our entire product line of both manual and automatic machines.

Models of 7300E Series will become available to order on September 1, 2001.The B-Series models will continue to be available through the Fall, and then be made obsolete on January 1, 2002.

We are proud to present with this release, new Photos and Specifications.

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