April 17, 1998

Free flow lines and access to remote bond targets on large packages have challenged traditional thinking with regard to deep reach bonding...until now. In a revolutionary approach to bonding machine design, West·Bond has effectively eliminated all restrictions to package size or access with the introduction of the "E" Series. Using conventional ultrasonic, thermosonic, and thermocompression bonding methods with single lever X-Y-Z micromanipulator control, these manual wire bonding machines are functionally similar to their "B" and "C" Series counterparts. However, with an all new and innovative chassis design, all machine components, circuitry and enclosure reside above and well clear of the horizontal plane described about the bonding point. Consequently, no restrictive "throat" is formed behind the bond point, and access is now unlimited.

A complete line of manual wedge-wedge wire and ribbon bonding machines complement the "E" Series, each with two operating configurations to span a variety of applications. In the conventional tabletop configuration, "E" Series machines are equipped with a standard base, work platform, and detachable support legs. Notably, the standard support legs are spaced approximately 22 inches apart and 10 inches behind the bond point and will accommodate packages of large proportions or select continuous belt conveyor systems. Should additional capacity be required, support legs with nonstandard X, Y, or Z dimensions can be easily exchanged in the field. Alternatively, when an application requires that no obstruction exist around or below the bond plane, and that the machine be suspended on outriggers, overhead supports, or by other means, the base, work platform, and support legs may be omitted by substituting the suffix "EX" as the series designator.

At the heart of these remarkable new machines is a purely orthogonal X-Y-Z straight line tool range of 0.625 inch with pneumatic brake on each axis. West·Bond's latest 8:1 ratio single lever micromanipulator combines dual counterweight balancing and adjustable spring tension for the finest, most precise feel yet obtained. The four-bar linkage tool head assemblies maintain tool perpendicularity during bonding, and convertibility between conventional and deep access functions is inherent. The wire feed models feature independent bond power and time settings under microprocessor control, built in tool heat, and Z axis optical encoder for precise loop and tail control. All machines are shipped with two micromanipulator control arms, one to locate the control point at table elevation, and one to raise it above the bond plane for work piece clearance. With the latter, suitable forearm support must be provided for operator safety, comfort, and to provide stability for precise tool manipulation. A variable height work platform adjustable through 0.625 inch is available as an option on tabletop models.

Model 7400E (EX): The base model from which the others are derived. It includes our 45° wire feed tool head assembly for precise loop and tail control on fine gold and aluminum wire ranging from 0.7 mil to 2 mil.

Model 7600E (EX): Our deep access model with 90° wire feed tool head assembly which expands the machine's capability to include gold ribbon ranging up to 1x10 mil. Also available in our XtraDeep Access configuration, Model 7601E (EX).

Model 7476E (EX): This convertible model includes both 45° and 90° wire feed tool head assemblies, which are easily interchangeable for maximum versatility. Programmed machine settings and bond variables are recalled automatically upon tool assembly change.

Model 7440E (EX): Our insulated wire bonding machine for ultrasonically bonding 0.7 mil to 2 mil insulated gold plated copper wire without the need to first strip the insulator, or for direct lead bonding. It shares all physical features of the 7400 and 7600 "E" and "EX" Series machines with the exception of wire feed mechanism, microprocessor controls, and Z axis encoder.

For detailed information and specifications on these machines, please select below:

7400E / 7600E Series (54KB)

7440E Series (57KB)

Model 7440EX (53KB)

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