September 29, 1999

Earlier this year, Model No. 4500E introduction included new tool assemblies designed around new high frequency ultrasonic transducers. As these have been well received and, by now, well tested, we were persuaded to create their counterparts for 63kHz transducers and to extend this use to all models of "E" Series. We do this with homage and apology to humans' tenacious resistance to change, because they really are better.

The old familiar heads had sliding
wire clamps like this:

The new heads have pivoted
wire clamps like this:

 A forward pivot is not new - it goes back to the earliest bonding machines - but our placement of the pivot enables converting from angled feed wedge bonding to vertical feed just by exchanging the clamp sub-assemblies. After the exchange, the angled feed head above looks like this for vertical feed.

This arrangement also allows independent adjustment of each clamp in all three axes:


 The relatively long range of vertical clamp adjustment yielded a benefit well beyond convenience in that the extension of different tools can now be optimized. Bond consistency is measurably improved.

The new head assemblies are triple-convertible, the two wedge methods by clamps only, and the ball bond head by exchange at the pivots as before. Any of the "E" models can be ordered in high frequency (115 kHz) by specification of the -30 option. The new heads are not compatible or exchangeable with the old because the wire feed cam and one pivot shaft are different. However, the old heads will remain current for all models of "B" Series, and so remain available for customers who just do not want to change.

This change will take effect within weeks. The date and Serial Number cutoff will be announced separately.


 Fred Miller

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