August 27, 1999

West·Bond is pleased to announce the release of software version 4.0 for 2400B series (2600B, 2700B) machines with these additional features:

1. This new software version runs on Windows 98 (32-bit) platform.

2. It supports multiple languages (includes double-byte character languages such as Japanese or Chinese). The user can switch to any of the three user-defined languages on-the-fly. However, users must provide their own language translation and in some case may need to supply their own font.

3. Supports long device name (up to 50 characters).

4. Saving pattern images is approx. 8 times faster compare to version 2.38, 2.44, and some revisions of 3.1.

This software version is now available to ship with new 2400B series machines. For customers who own 2400B machines (also 2600B or 2700B) with software version 3.1, we advise that this new version is functionally identical, and does require some hardware changes.

The following are the hardware items that need to be changed if updating from machines with older software version (version 2.38, 2.44, or 3.1) to software version 4.0:

  • A hard disk with Windows 98 installed (recommend 2GB minimum disk space).
  • Matrox Corona LC/4 frame grabber (replaces Matrox Comet frame grabber)
  • ICS 233Mhz CPU board (replaces ICS 133Mhz CPU board)

For detailed information, please contact West·Bond at 714-978-1551.

1551 S. Harris Court,Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 714.978.1551
Fax: 714.978.0431

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