Light emitting diodes are not new but their ubiquity is: They were always efficient, running cool at low voltage, but now their new colors and greatly increased brightness qualifies them as a "disruptive" technology, taking away many applications from incandescence and fluorescence. ¹

West Bond and other bonding machine builders have used a variety of illumination methods with microscopes, including the K~Sine Shadowless Fluorescent Illuminators that we currently offer as an accessory product. It is ever a goal to make these smaller and simpler and to direct the light only where needed. To that end, we designed a new LED illuminator that succeeds so well it is surely disruptive. We call it "Luxuray".

This is an array of LEDs, each focusing through a built-in lens into a cone, and then all arranged into a pattern focusing at the microscope working distance. The array extends around and above the objective through an arc of 150 degrees. A universal adapter having one threaded end specific to each scope manufacturer attaches it to the microscope. Separate securing collars allow either one or two arrays to be stacked, so to extend partially or wholly around the objective, and to provide two levels of intensity of illumination.

A single power supply provides regulated 12 volts DC from an input of 100 to 220 volts AC with capacity for two illuminator arrays. For machine application, this supply may be built-in. An on-off switch is provided.

Using this illuminator is a whole new experience. The light is pleasingly soft white and surprisingly confined to the work only, visibility is superb, it is cool to the touch, and it is even ESD protected. We plan to offer this illuminator on our machines and also as a stand-alone product.


¹ We read the Mercedes Maybach places 528 of them, sufficient to alight following cars in a red glow.

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