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Smooth Operator
The world's leading Manual X-Y-Z Micromanipulator
(Look at the moving hand - then look at the tool also)

"C" Series

7200CR Dual Head Epoxy Die Bonder (61KB) (273KB)
7201CR Triple Head Epoxy Die Bonder
7316C Single Head Eutectic Die Bonder (250KB)
7327C Single Head Eutectic Die Bonder (250KB)

"D" Series

7440D Ultrasonic Insulated Wire Bonder (54KB)
7476D Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder (241KB)
7700D Ball-Wedge Wire Bonder (263KB)

"E" Series

7367E Eutectic Tweezer Die Bonder (280KB)
7372E Epoxy & Eutectic Die Bonder (259KB)
7374E Beam Lead Bonder (259KB)
7440E Ultrasonic Insulated Wire Bonder (48KB)
7440EX Ultrasonic Insulated Wire Bonder (53KB)
7476E Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder (276KB)
7700E Ball-Wedge Wire Bonder (291KB)
7730E Ball-Wedge Wire Bonder (High Frequency)
747630E Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder (High Frequency)
747677E Three Way Convertible Wire Bonders (291KB)
747730E Three Way Convertible Wire Bonders (High Frequency)

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