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"C" manual machines (7200CR, 7316C, 7327C, 7400C, 7600C, 7700C, and 70PTC)

"D" manual machines (7476D and 7700D)

"E" manual machines (7367E, 7372E, 7476E, 747630E, 747677E, 747730E, 7700E, 7730E and 70PTE)

"E" semi-automatic machines (4546E, 454630E, 454647E, 454730E, 4700E, 4730E, 5456E, 545630E, 545657E, 545730E, 5700E, and 5730E)



Processing issues

Wedge bond guide

Ball bond guide

Epoxy manufacturers

Tool manufacturers

Tool cleaning with sodium hydroxide

Wire manufacturers

2" Spool Mount Installation (158KB)

How To Thread Wire (1.92MB)

Threading 101 (15.8MB)

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