How would you like to have your automatic wire bonder machines operate under Microsoft latest version, Windows XP Professional? Yes, Windows XP Professional. Then, West·Bond has the answer for you! We’re pleased to announce the release of software version 2.0 for our Automatic Wire Bonders 3K "E" series (3436E, 3536E, 3700E, and 353637E) machines with the following upgrades:

  • A hard disk with Windows XP Professional installed
  • The Intel® Pentium 4 Processor
  • Matrox Orion Frame Grabber
  • 10 Gig (or greater) Hard Disk
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 128 MB (or greater) USB Drive

For detailed information, please contact West·Bond at 714-978-1551.

1551 S. Harris Court,Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 714.978.1551
Fax: 714.978.0431

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